Weekly Training Report

By | October 6, 2013

Another week closer to Philly! Here’s how it went down:

Monday: Rest day. Delicious after a long weekend of camping and hanging out with friends.

Tuesday: Easy 8.  Treadmill before work. Felt nice and easy.

Wednesday: 8 miles total, with 5×1000 at 5k pace.  This was a TOUGH workout and I was sweating allll over the treadmill.  Sure my treadmill neighbors appreciated it.  That said, I was able to hold a 7:30 pace for the 1000m repeats, which is super solid for me.

Thursday: Rest day, so I went to a new hot yoga place that is near work.  It was a mixed experience – I’ve done hot yoga about 10 times before, and I always really like it.  This studio was incredibly beautiful – high ceilings, exposed wood and brick.  But the studio was expensive, and I felt like I was the only one there not wearing lululemon.  I was definitely the only one there who couldn’t do a headstand (without the wall supporting me) and I felt like the instructor went a little fast for me to really keep up.  I love how I feel after hot yoga, though, so I’ll probably try it at least one more time before my one-week intro pass is up.

Also on Thursday, I got the new pair of compression socks that I had ordered from Pro Compression.  I’ll do a full review later on, but I will say this – I’m in love.  From the argyle pattern to the good fit and strong compression, they really helped me feel fresh this week.

Friday: 5 miles treadmill.  Mark and I hit up the gym after work, which was tough since it was a FRIDAY NIGHT.  I’d say Friday and Thursday nights are the top two times when I am most likely to skip a workout, haha. Did the 5 miles easy though, just to get a little bit of mileage in.  The planned workout was 11 but that clearly didn’t happen.  Just happy that we made it out at all.

Saturday: 10/5 miles relatively easy.  This run was sponsored by “Orange is the New Black” – I watched 2 episodes back to back while on the treadmill.  Felt good.  Went to a wedding after, and danced my toosh off.  This was the first wedding I have been to that had a “mashed potato bar” and I definitely enjoyed that 😉


Sunday: 15 miles with 12 miles at planned race pace (8:34).  I ran this at the gym.  I watched two episodes of OITNB and then switched it off and really focused on form and feeling the pace.  My planned race pace for Philly is 8:34.  That would get me to 3;45 – which is an 8-minute PR. It was a solid effort, though I was really tired by the end.  Between Saturday and Sunday I did 25 miles in less than 24 hours, so I definitely felt it.  Good marathon training.

Total Mileage: 46

The week coming up is a bit of a step back week for me as we head into Detroit.  Next weekend Mark and I are planning on running the LBI 18-Miler (one of our favorite races!), so I’m toning down the weekly runs a little bit.  Then a short one week taper into Detroit.

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