A holiday recovery update

By | December 24, 2013

It’s almost Christmas! I still have a ton of work to do (booo) but I’m still looking forward to heading to Vermont with my family at the end of the week.

In the meantime, I had an interesting doctor’s visit last Friday.  The doc said I still have more swelling than he would like.  On Friday, I was majorly swollen and my foot would.not.stop. tingling – it felt like it had permanently fallen asleep.  I was really concerned.  The doctor suggested that wearing compression socks could help.  At first,  I was worried that compression socks would hurt to put on my *broken* foot (since they’re tight), but if I’m careful, I can get them on without too much pain.  And the results have been pretty impressive quickly.  Within a day swelling decreased pretty dramatically.

One of the things I am most surprised about is that I’ve lost quite a bit of muscle mass in my legs in the two weeks since the “incident.”  I ran two marathons this fall, and was in pretty good shape when I fell.  And yet, just two weeks later my left calf muscle is deflated, and my ankle is more skinny than I’ve ever seen it! So bizarre.  This is just making me realize how important a good PT is going to be in getting me back “on my feet.”  I’m really worried about potential running imbalance when I see this:


Anyway, now that swelling is down,  I’m cleared to start some recovery activities.  I’ve been in the pool twice so far.  Today, I swam about 2200 meters – all with a pull buoy.  My arms are nice and tired! It felt sooooo good to get out and move a little bit.  I also invested in a Finis Neptune SwimP3 player.  It lets you listen to music underwater! I figured it’ll be nice to have since swimming is just about the only cardio I can do for the next few weeks. It’s a riot to be rocking away as I crawl up and down the lanes at my local Y.

Finally, I invested in my newest craiglist special – the Exogen bone stimulator.  I’ve read some really good things about these ultrasound devices: my younger sister was a college athlete, and she said they used “stims” all the time after practice to aid in recovery.  The exogen acts to increase blood-flow, thereby helping the 5th metatarsal heal quicker – since it’s generally in a spot with little blood flow. We’ll see if it helps!


Happy holidays to the blogging world!

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