First things first!

Last week, I stumbled upon that Buzzfeed article about Powerpoint parties. The concept is simple: a group of friends gets together for a cocktail party, and everyone brings a 3-5 minute Powerpoint presentation about something they’re passionate about.

Here’s a link in case you missed it!

Anyway, I spent some time thinking about what MY cocktail-party presentation would be about. At first, I thought it would be something dorky and work-related (I’m an attorney specializing in environmental law by day). Then, I realized I’d probably talk about something I’m really passionate about: travel with kids.

Hear me out: I know most people think that travel with kids is … impossible. Or, at the very least, limited to annual trips to Disney. But after a lifetime of personal travel (kicked off with a year as an AFS exchange student in Belgium when I was 16), I am not about to limit myself to amusement parks.  I really want to show my daughter that there is a great big world out there, ready to explore. And that we can explore on weekends, on a budget, and using vacation days from our normal day jobs. 

And with that, this blog is born. I’m going to post about our past trips, the trips we’re planning, and things we’ve learned along the way. We hope you enjoy the ride!

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