Star Wars in Paris

“Mommy, I saw Star Wars in Paris” Maeve said, this morning, completely out of the blue.

I had just given her a spoon with Rey on it, that we fished out of the bottom on a cereal box. It was a grand prize for a two year old.
 Star Wars in Paris … Star Wars in Paris. I could not figure out what she was talking about. Yes, we went to Paris last summer. We also brought her to see “The Force Awakens” when she was 6 months old, but she slept and nursed through most of the movie, and hadn’t seen a Star Wars movie since then. Where did she get the idea that she had seen Star Wars in Paris?
 Oh. The realization hit me. On our last day in France, we stopped at Disney Paris. During one particularly rainy point in the afternoon, we ran into one of the theaters to watch the “Jedi Academy” show, which was in French and English and showcased 10 adorable kids playing with light sabers. So yes. She had seen Star Wars in Paris.
Everyone who tells you that they won’t remember? That it’s not worth traveling with little kids or toddlers because they won’t remember, so why bother?
They’re wrong. As usual, your kid will surprise you. She’ll remember things at the funniest times. He’ll have a shadow of a memory, that he’s sure is real. They’ll remember.
And even if they don’t? You will. You’ll remember what it felt like to walk around the Luxembourg Gardens with your daughter riding a pony, on her second birthday.  Or, closer to home, what it felt like to hold your kid tight on their first camping trip, preventing them from toddling too close to the camp-fire. You deserve those memories too.
Get out. Go. Explore.

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